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Esa Organic Vs Plant-Based:

Know Which Supplements Company Are Better For Your Body.

There is a difference between plant-based supplements and functional plant-based supplements like Esa Organic.

Our ingredients are not only plant-based but they are pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are plant-based. Esa Organic is the only functional plant-based company that designs and formulates supplements that give you a higher bioavailability than any plant-based and non-plant-based supplements.

The bioavailability of our health solutions is defined as the extent to which our supplements are totally available to their targeted biological destination. Herein, the physicochemical nature of each Esa Organic plant-based ingredient plays a vital role in determining its bioavailability. 

This is the reason why global medical practitioners and nutritionists recommend the use of clean plant-based nutritional supplements with the highest bioavailability for people, mostly the ones with nutritional deficiencies.

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